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“DataSpade interfaces with all player tracking systems and consistently delivers strong revenue gains. That’s why I use them at every property I serve. It’s the sharpest tool in the shed.”

Jeff Pletcher
Director Of Marketing
Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casinos
Eagle Pass, TX

  • Data Ace

    Data Ace by Dataspade

    Desktop solution to analyze players and compile mail list. Evaluate groups, segments, player value/trip frequency. Compare demographic, geographic data and trends over time.

  • Automated Incentives


    Continuously evaluates a player’s value/trip frequency. Turnkey segmented mail lists and auto exports put the right offers in your players’ hands quickly, efficiently. Proven to produce an average of 10%–15% revenue increase.

  • Quick Find

    QuickFind by Dataspade

    Useful, real-time player reports at your fingertips. Web-based, formatted for PC and mobile. Valuable for hosts, Players Club, marketing.

More Than Just Another Marketing Tool; A Proven, Revenue-Generating Advantage.

R.O.I. is the bottom line in gaming. Our award-winning software, data analytics, and turnkey offer system will increase your revenues. Period. We’ve served casinos across the country for more than a decade, and our growth is built on fulfilling that promise. We’d love the opportunity to prove it. Schedule a demo today. Then try our FREE 90-DAY TRIAL. The only thing you have to lose is more revenue.